Field Work Comp RN Registered Nurse Case Managers

Positions are available:
(1) Throughout the state Indiana
(2) Southern Chicago metropolitan area

Please e-mail your resume directly to apply[at]pdmrtw.com . PDM is seeking a licensed RN with at least 5 years of clinical nursing experience.

PDM delivers top-tier medical case management for workplace injuries. The successful PDM case manager will work from their home office frequently traveling to physician offices where they will attend appointments with injured workers and deliver appropriate, cost-effective medical\vocational outcomes.

PDM case managers work with injured workers, employers, medical providers, and workers' compensation adjusters to continuously assess treatment plans and overcome barriers to achieve maximum medical improvement. The successful candidate will be confident and assertive. They will be able to identify and facilitate preferred provider selections as needed. They will have a strong background in at least one of the following specialties: industrial rehabilitation nursing, medical case management, occupational health, orthopedics, home health care, utilization review, or quality assurance. Familiarity with regional physicians, CCM, and COHN-S\CM are optional but highly valued.


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